Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent

by Barb Purdom

read by Marc Harry

These are the High Quality, Full Chapter MP3 files. I am currently hosting these until the vorpl.com server is back up. Storage space is getting very thin, so I might not be able to host for long.


Title Music and Intro

Chapter One | M4B

Chapter Two - Training Dudley | M4B

Chapter Three - The House Guest | M4B

Chapter Four - Padfoot and the Knight Bus | M4B

Chapter Five - The Ringer | M4B

Chapter Six - Hermione's Reputation | M4B

extra - the school song 

Chapter Seven - The Real Mood | M4B

Chapter Eight - Divination With Sandy | M4B

Chapter Nine - The Date | M4B

Chapter Ten - The Top of the Beanstalk | M4B

Chapter Eleven - The Potions Dungeon | M4B

Chapter Twelve - The Ram and the Dragon | M4B

Chapter Thirteen - Cats and More Cats | M4B

Chapter Fourteen - Gryffindor vs. Slytherin | M4B

Chapter Fifteen - Dueling With Snape | M4B (Not Available)

Chapter Fourteen - The Christmas Party | M4B (Not Available)


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